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OWNERS: Jason and Kathleen Nye

Karen Fiedler
Mary Gainey
Mark Gibson
Liam Johnson
Colleen Murphy
Donna Proia
Jon Randall
Leslie Shaw
Judy Welch

Cil Bloomfield
Marina Brock, MS
Ally Nelson Crocker
Becky Douville Rosenthal
Al Flanders
Stacy Foster
Becca Fulcher
Eileen Godin
Susan Hunter
Greg Johnson
Rene King
Amy Latham, DPT, RYT
Kathleen Nye
Julie Sieben DC, RN
Donna Wilcock


All trainers are available by appointment for a 30-minute or 1-hour consultation for members and non-members.

Becky Douville Rosenthal is NASM AFAA Certified Personal Trainer with specialized certifications in Senior Fitness, Bosu, Kickboxing, Pilates & Group Active by MOSSA.  She offers individual training sessions and small group fitness sessions. Please contact the Club for more information.. 

Joyce Hutchings, RN, LMT offers therapeutic massage at her private office suite located at the Club.  Please contact Joyce at

Greg Johnson is an AFFA Certified Personal Trainer and Swim Coach/Instructor.  Please contact the Club for more information.

Amy Latham MS, DPT, RYT is a physical therapist, yoga instructor, small group fitness instructor and is available for evaluations and therapeutic exercise programs. Please contact the Club for more information.

Jason Nye is an American Council on Exercise (A.C.E.) certified personal trainer and owner of the Club.  Please contact the Club for more information.

Julie Sieben R.N. is an AFFA certified personal trainer and small group fitness instructor.  She is also a Chiropractor, D.C. and treats clients at the Club's medical suite on site.  Please contact the Club for more information.