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"I was spending the week in Chatham and was looking for a place to work out. Luckily, I found The Chatham Health and Swim Club. The staff members made me feel like I was part of the family and not an outsider. The members were fantastic. I became quick friends with several members who also welcomed me with open arms. Great facilities and great people add up to a great experience. Thanks again."
Hollywood, FL

"My summer visits to Chatham have always been wonderfully special. Except…I get totally out of the exercise routine that serves me so well the rest of the year back home. This year I tried something different-a summer membership to the Chatham Health and Swim Club-and it took my summer experience up a big notch. I kept up my exercise routine and for an extra treat I participated in yoga sessions and love them! The Club’s staff is welcoming, encouraging, and professional; the equipment is plentiful and top-notch; and the environment is clean and bright. Chatham Health and Swim Club enhanced my summer experience and was the best summer gift I could give myself!"
Newton, MA

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